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Gift Voucher


Offer a Gift Voucher


Offer a gift voucher to your nearest and dearest, for a holiday, a weekend visit or a one-night stay at the Ferme Elhorga. 

How it works: 


-    Let us know the number of nights, your choice of room and the season (low, mid or high)


-    Give us the name of the beneficiary, the wording of the message you would like us to add and who the gift voucher is from. 


-    We can either send the gift voucher directly to the beneficiary or we can send it to you so that you can give it to them in person. 


-    You can choose to add a bottle of champagne for their arrival in their room, book dinner in a good restaurant near the farm, a massage in a nearby spa, etc. (we can discuss the options with you).


-    We will send you the invoice by email and the gift voucher by post. 


-    The beneficiary contacts us to plan the dates for their stay…


Vos informations ont bien été envoyées !

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